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Thank you for your partnership with Canterbury

Shared Participation Among Many is at the Heart of Canterbury’s Success

给 is a long-standing hallmark of the Canterbury culture. Sustaining our School’s deep traditions is rooted in a partnership with our loyal alumni, current and past parents, 爷爷奶奶, 教师, 工作人员和朋友. Each generously make Canterbury's success their own priority every year. Many share in the ownership of the advancement of the School; parent volunteers give their time and talent to nurture the community spirit, and the guidance of a devoted 校董会 enable us to keep moving forward while preserving the core values of our mission.

Canterbury is a School that places the student experience firmly at the center of its work—past, 现在和未来. It is important to understand that dollars raised are the critical resources necessary to offer the opportunity of a world class education, one that propels our students into a world where they are productive, 精力充沛, and ready to work with and support the people and institutions in their lives.


  • 给在线
    Fill out our secure online donation form to make a gift of any size.
  • 礼物里的手机
    Give us a call at 800.526.1710
  • 寄一张支票
    Mail your check to:
    康涅狄格州新米尔福德 06776
  • 做出承诺
    Donors may set up a pledged gift, which is paid off in increments over a specified period of time.


  • 一年一度的礼物
    The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising initiative that provides vital support to Canterbury's operating budget.
  • 计划的礼物
    We are happy to talk with you about including Canterbury in your long-term estate or financial plans.
  • 纪念 & 纪念礼物
    Memorial and Honor Gifts are meaningful ways to honor someone who has been signifcant to you and our community.
  • 捐赠的礼物
    Gifts to the endowment provide a permanent and reliable source of income for the school.